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We offer premium haircuts for men of all ages, styles, types of hair, and lengths. We also offer full beard and mustache trims. Please go to our home page or to our prices section to see all services provided

MobiCutz vets all barbers with background check prior to them becoming part of our team.

Here at MobiCutz we promote cleanliness. Before a barber provides any grooming service, a 5x7 ft. mat is placed on the floor to catch any hair missed by our special hair catching capes. These unique capes protect clothes while securing most hair within the structure before it even hits the floor. Each barber is equipped with a handheld vacuum so when the service is complete the area is left spotless.

MobiCutz barbers are licensed, experienced professionals that are extremely passionate about what they do. Each barber has been vetted and trained to provide customers with an everlasting experience and style that will have everyone talking.

To join our team simply visit our Contact Us section or use our MobiCutz app to apply!


Haircuts start at $38, and customers add additional services such as a Straight Razor lining $5. Please see our Pricing Section for more details There will be a small upcharge for travel and time depending on how far the barber has to travel- but don’t worry- we wont charge more than $10 no matter how long it takes for our barber to reach you!

Tips are not included and while not mandatory, we highly encourage tipping your barber for a well done service. While cash tips are preferred by our barbers, you will have the ability to apply a tip through the app.

Customers can cancel an appointment within the first 5 minutes or 2 hours before an appointment without being charged. If a cancelation occurs after these timeframes, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

We offer 100% refund for our unsatisfied customers. Making our customers happy is our top priority here at MobiCutz!.